Project Management Team


Spiros Bouas

President of Business Development

Spiros Bouas is an entrepreneur who has spent his entire career commercializing innovation in Silicon Valley. He has successfully brought numerous advanced products to market supplying industries like defense, engineering design and simulation, and wireless communications.

Spiros has held executive roles in numerous organizations and has extensive experience in engineering, sales, operations, and finance. He is an engineer, lifelong aviation enthusiast and pilot.

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Robert Ragozzino

SOS2 Pilot, Project Manager, Board Member

A professional pilot, aircraft builder, and aviation world-record holder, Robert joined the SOS2 project in 2002. In 1994, he founded the Stearman World Flight Team, which produced a magnificent, highly modified, Super 450 Stearman biplane. In 2000, Robert flew the Super Stearman around the world., a flight which set the record for the only solo open cockpit flight ever around the world.

Robert serves in multiple capacities, including aircraft specification and design, fundraising, marketing, general project management and board membership. He will pilot the SOS2 aircraft across the Atlantic in 2018.

Marvin Bay

President & CEO

A pilot and businessman with private, commercial, and multi-engine instrument ratings, Marvin joined the effort in 1997. He has flown everything from crop dusters to airliners and is an aircraft owner as well.

Marvin currently serves as President and CEO of the SOS2 and is a major contributor to the project.

Scott Royer

Founder and Board Member
Greeley, CO

Scott Royer founded the SOS2 project in 1991 with the original vision to build and fly a Spirit of St. Louis replica across the Atlantic Ocean. Scott serves as board member and major contributor.

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Antony Giacomini

Senior Lead Craftsman

Antony started fabricating everthing wooden and mechanic at the age 7. A wood craftsmen of the highest caliber, Tony joined the SOS2 team and quickly secured the lead roll in construction. As we say here, Tony sits at the right hand of god when it comes to building all things from wood, steel, and aluminum.