SOS2 Pilot

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  • Professional pilot for 34 years

  • Ratings, Private, commercial, multi-engine, instrument, glider.

  • Jet Type Ratings: Falcon 20, I.A. Jet

Robert Ragozzino was born in 1958 in San Diego, California. His father, a professional pilot, introduced him to aviation at the age of 5. His older brother is an airline captain, aircraft mechanic, and authorized aircraft inspector. Robert has owned a flight school and worked as a corporate pilot for 32 years. He has flown over 35 different aircraft, ranging from gliders to biplanes to private business jets.

In 1994, Robert founded the Strearman World Flight Team, which produced a magnificent, highly modified, Super 450 Stearman biplane. In 2000, Robert flew the Super Stearman around the world, a flight that set the record for the only solo, open cockpit flight ever around the world.

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